Self-taught HTML in 1999, later developed skills with JavaScript and CSS, with cross-browser compatibility in mind - practiced XHTML and conforming to the W3C web standards.

During late 2001, was appointed as the ICT Director of a Young Enterprise Company - set up a company website and created advertising posters using graphical manipulation.

Briefly dipped into the world of Flash animation and in 2002, began video editing, splicing and putting music to footage.

Became more familiar with the document object model (DOM) and self-taught PHP and MySQL in 2004.

Graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Computing in 2006, obtained experience using Perl, C++, and Java, as well as learning the theories behind Human-Computer Interface Design. Completed a final year project using OpenGL and C++.

Proceeded to experiment with the Ajax development technique and in 2007, looked at PHP5 in greater depth and detail, together with the object orientated programming methodology.

Very self-motivated, reliable, enthusiastic and creative, with a natural fascination in computing and web technologies.

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